Fire Influence on Regional to Global Environments Experiment (FIREX-AQ) mission


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Atmospheric Tomography (ATom) mission

One month deployment onboard the NASA DC-8 aircraft for the ATom project in May 2018:

- installation, operation and maintenance of a chemiluminescence instrument to study ozone and reactive nitrogen species in the remote troposphere

- total of 13 flights (∼10 hours per flight) along latitudinal transects over the Pacific and the Atlantic Basins from the Arctic to the Antarctic

- constant vertical profiling of the atmosphere

Stromboli, Italy

Two weeks field campaign for FOFAMIFS project in May 2017:

- complete setup of the instruments on the Stromboli volcano (meteorological station, aerosols and gaz collecting lines)

- daily sampling of aerosols and gaz emitted from the Stromboli

- in field conditioning of samples for future lab analysis

Stromboli craters and volcanic ashes

Setting up the instruments

The collecting lines coupled to the meteorological station

Lautaret Pass, French Alps

Two years (2015 & 2016) field campaign:

- complete setup of the instruments on the study site (Aerosols collector, Wet and Dry deposition collector, ISCO collectors)

- weekly sampling of aerosols, precipitations and rivers

- monthly sampling of soils (cores + bulk), plants and snow (pits + cores)

Lautaret Pass Research Station

Snow pit, winter 2015

Deposition monitoring setup: bulk aerosols collector, Wet and Dry deposition collector, PM2,5 aerosols collector (from left to right)

River water sampling with an ISCO collector, spring 2016

Ny Alesund, Svalbard

Two weeks field campaign for ARCSNOW project in September 2016 :
- installation of a Wet and Dry deposition collector

- set up of snowpack height measurement transects
- training of the winterovering personnel

Wet and Dry deposition collector

Sunrise on the fjord

Saint-Sorlain glacier, France

Two days field work on a French glacier for GLACIOCLIM project in September 2016:

- accumulation measurements (stakes technique)

- snow height measurements on GPS delimited transects across the glacier


Saint-Sorlin glacier, French Alps

Snow height measurement along a GPS delimited transect

Concordia Station, Antarctica

One year winter over (2011) in a French/Italian research station. 

Two weeks routine based on:
- snow surface and pits collected for nitrate analysis   > SUNITE DC project

- outside air analysed for DMS and DMSO, acid gases, ozone, radon and aerosols   > CESOA project
- maintenance of meteorological instruments   > CALVA project

- maintenance of a camera for ice texture monitoring   > NIVOLOGIE project

Lab work: air analysis for DMS and DMSO

(credits: Eoin MacDonald-Nethercott)

Cleaning the meteorological instruments on the "American tower"

(credits: Eoin MacDonald-Nethercott)

Milky way on Concordia Station

(credits: Eoin MacDonald-Nethercott)